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Dry to combination skin, 1 to 2 months cures

Natural food supplements for your skin,
with clinically proven effectiveness.

Organic food supplements

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Your questions about our organic food supplements

Our organic food supplements contain natural plant extracts highly concentrated in essential nutrients for your skin cells. With their natural formula and clinically proven effectiveness, our beauty supplements will meet all your expectations. Day after day, you will notice the effects: your skin becomes stronger and regains its radiance.

Here are our answers to your most frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions, please contact us here.

Because beautiful skin is nourished from the inside, it is important to supplement so that our skin is the best it can be.

Our diet covers the majority of our needs in minerals and other molecules necessary for the proper functioning of our organism, and therefore of our skin. Nevertheless, our lifestyle and the quality of our environment are far from perfect (too rich or not very diversified diet, air and soil pollution etc.), which directly impacts the ability of our body to function well.

In addition, our diet has not evolved to cope with our new habits such as spending hours every day scrutinizing screens. By increasing the intake of antioxidants, we provide the necessary dose for our cells to be able to protect themselves from external aggressions, including blue light.

AB, or Agriculture Biologique, is the French organic label for food and food supplements. It corresponds to European requirements in terms of organic farming.
is the French organic label for food and food supplements. It corresponds to European requirements in terms of organic farming.

The specifications 
A product is considered organic, only if it is an agricultural product or a food from organic farming and meets the requirements of European legislation :

  • No use of synthetic chemicals (pesticides, fertilizers, weed killers...)
  • No use of GMOs
  • Respect for animal welfare
  • For processed products, at least 95% of the ingredients need to be derived from organic farming.

We go even further

  • 100% of natural origin (except the exterior wrap of the capsules)
  • 100% vegan
  • 100% recyclable and gummies container is 100% recycled plastic. No outer packaging.

*Drum roll please*

No ! Our capsules have no taste, and our gummies contain natural flavors that are precisely dosed to offer a moment of pleasure during their daily consumption. The moisturizing gummies have a delicious blackcurrant taste, while the firming gummies have a lemon-apple taste That is why they are irresistible. If you are still in doubt, ask us for samples to taste them! 

Our hydrating gummies and capsules can have traces of fish, crustaceans and molluscs because they contain an extract of ascophyllum, an algae grown in France.

Our firming gummies do not contain any allergens, they do not have any trace of gluten.

Once you have finished your regime of capsules, it is possible to follow up with a regime of gummies. Or vice versa.
However, we do not recommend changing the regime from one day to the next because you may lose track.

They provide only 9 calories each, which means 18 per day.

We recommend a 2-month cure for our food supplements.

Indeed, it takes about two months of treatment to feel the maximum benefits because the skin cells take about 4 to 6 weeks to renew themselves. It is at this time that the results will start to appear on the skin.  

A jar contains 60 gummies/capsules, which means 1 month of cure. 

For the gummies, we also offer packs of 2 jars for a 2-month cure at a low price. This format exists for the hydrating gummies and for the firming gummies. 

Our supplements are not recommended for adolescents and children under 12 years.

In case of pregnancy, breastfeeding, suspected or proven pathology, or treatment, it is strongly recommended to ask your doctor for advice.

Irreproachable formulas, certified organic.

The organic certification of food supplements is a guarantee of naturalness and quality. Indeed, organic food supplements are made of 100% natural plant extracts, grown in organic agriculture and transformed according to certified organic extraction processes. You will therefore not find any vitamins or minerals in our ingredients, whose origin is often unknown, but only plant extracts concentrated in beauty active ingredients. The development of organic supplements is therefore a real challenge for us, but this guarantees you maximum naturalness and perfect traceability of each ingredient.

So that you can take care of yourself from the inside out, with complete confidence.

The mode of action of food supplements on the skin

Food supplements for beautiful skin provide essential nutrients to your body. Their mode of action is thus global, on your entire metabolism, to which your skin cells are connected. They can draw from this supply all the minerals, vitamins and nutrients they need to function optimally (energy production, reconstruction of cell membranes, maintaining an optimal level of hydration, etc.). Food supplements for dry, dehydrated or slack skin therefore contain distinct active ingredients adapted to the points you wish to reinforce (hydration, collagen production, regeneration of stem cells, etc.).

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